About Formec

We design and manufacture moulds for parts which for example can be
found in cars, tractors, trucks, buses, furniture and medical equipment.
We manufacture tools for parts in many different materials such as plastics, rubber,
sheet metal, fabrics, carbon fibre and other composites.


We are used to work with customers with high demands, many different proccesing techniques

and high quality demands, for example Volvo, MSK Plast and Kinnarps.

A material for which Formec is one of the leading mould manufactures in Europe is DCPD.
Parts like hoods, grills, enginehood side panels, side spoilers for roofs and mudguards
which can be found on exterior body parts for wheel-loaders,
dumpers, tractors and other construction vehicle.

Machining special parts for all needs, for example beams

and parts with high precision and advanced proccesing.

We are using high speed milling machines and state of the art Tebis CAD and CAM systems. 
With our complete machine park including a Mikromat 5D 20V with 5-axis simultaneous milling
and a processing volume of 5700 x 3400 x 1250 mm in the forefront,
we are able to process large pieces in different materials with the highest quality.

Click here for our machine specifications.

We are happy to contribute with our experience of the design of parts and moulds.
A cooperation in an early stage secures a high level of
concurrent engineering and reaches an optimal result for our customers.

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Formec Teknik AB
Fabriksgatan 8
S-541 57 Skövde